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Started out at South Delaney on Saturday morning...didnt get there until 9am...pretty slow...two fish caught with four hits total...a 14 inch rainbow on a white micro jig and a 17 inch rainbow on an orange scud...went to east after talking to another guy who had come over from North and said he had been there for six hours with nothing doing...two of us caught a total of 11 fish at east from 13 to 18 inches in 12 to 17 feet of water in front of the boat friend Dennis who doesnt move as much as me got almost all of his hit on white micro jig while they ignored his jigging I like to move and jigging a 1/8 oz gold kastmaster (tried other brands too) was doing quite a bit of damage and lots of hits...a couple feet off the bottom...I should of retied more because I broke off the two gold ones I had with and I use 4 pound line...I had two tone ones in gold and various fish finishes in gold but they preferred solid metal colors...they took solid copper almost as well as they took the gold ones...Sunday we went back to east...they bit really light...only caught 4 by early afternoon...Dennis still had hits on his micro jigs...I had some hits on various tube jigs and many hits on the copper kastmaster but they were more like nudges...they would nudge the spoon when it was stationary...kind of a weird and dissapointing day and we drilled holes all over the lake...but all and all a good trip...not many fisherman...we saw 4 groups the entire is about 16 inches thick and solid...heading back to Sylvan this weekend for some combo fishing and snowshoeing...
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