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Hi all. I’ll be staying in South Fork in about 3 weeks fishing the area for the first time. I will definitely be spending some time on the Rio Grande but am looking for another place or two for a fishing excursion. Specifically looking for low pressure/relative solitude, decent to good sized wild fish, and places where I’d be successful with either spinners or dry flies on a Tenkara rod. I don’t want stockers. Not interested in big lakes/reservoirs and I’ll be shorebound. Small lakes/ponds and streams of any size are ideal. I don’t mind a few miles of hiking and/or rough roads. Being able to combine hiking and fishing would be ideal as my wife enjoys hiking but does not fish and has more fun on my fishing trips when we keep it moving upstream/downstream and get some miles and scenery in. A small alpine lake would be cool too if it’s not too late in the season. I fish the Rio Grande gorge in NM every fall and know the area around there pretty well, but am a total noob at Colorado fisheries and seasons. Not trying to get anybody’s honey hole, but if anyone could point me in the right general direction I’d be most appreciative. From my own research I’ve been looking mostly at Poage or Shaw lakes, and Pass or Park creeks, but there are so many options in that area and could use some help narrowing down. Thanks in advance!
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