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I decided to hit antero and the mile. I’ve never really iced either one. I hit the mile once before through the ice but it was a half-ass effort and didn’t last long. Lots of fish being posted from there so I figured it was worth a shot. Plus I wanted to ice fish and I hadn’t really gotten a real ice trip in for this ice season. I started at antero just before the sun came up. Didn’t get anything until the sun’s rays hit me....then I got bit. I fought it for a sec and then it broke me clean off. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I kept fishing and hooked another. This time I landed it.

My first fish of 2018:

I was the only one that caught anything at ‘Tero within the group of 4-5 guys I could see. I probably fished 2-3 hours and didn’t get any after that so I made a move to the mile. After walking for a bit and drilling some holes, I found about 12fow. I got bit right away and continued to have steady action until sundown. I think I landed 7 or so in total, had another break me off and missed a bunch of hits. I’m a little rusty on the ice. No real big ones but I had a blast. They were definitely on. I kept two for dinner. I was planning on fishing another day but I changed my mind because I heard the metro area is finally ready. I’m gonna chase eyes and bass. Antero definitely seemed to have the bigger fish on average but the mile had a way more consistent bite. Walmart sells a really awesome tungsten teardrop-style jig kit for like $20 that came with a bunch of high quality jigs. I forgot the brand name but I really liked them. The quality was on point. All fish were caught on those jigs and a half of a mealworm except for one I got on a buckshot spoon. After all the people left, right before the sun went down, I grabbed my buckshot spoon and started walking. I was looking for any holes that were still open and dropping down. I’d fish for a sec and then move if I didn’t get bit. I think it’s a good way to cover ground without drilling a bunch of holes yourself. Might as well when there are open holes all over from the masses of people that just left. I got some rainbow action but not like I had hoped for. Definitely a good trip. The ice was like a foot thick or a little less. It was warm, sunny, and there was essentially zero wind. Super glad I went up. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get any of the 6-7 lbers I’ve seen a lot of lately but it was still more than worth the effort. There were some people at antero but the mile had a bunch. I was bullshitting with some people after I got off the ice and they showed me a cutbow that was like 24 inches and fat-that’s what I wanted. Next time...

I have a handful of clips of my drag screaming, the lake and other stuff that I will post soon once it’s compiled and edited.

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THX for the report Whomp! Thinking of heading down there for a well deserved break! ;D
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