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South Park Too

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I finally said screw it and took a night off work to head out for relaxation and good times. Headed to the South Park pond with my buddy Ronbo, 4 degrees when we got there but didn't feel that cold. We started by checking a spot he always fishes but had a big pressure ridge right through the spot with super thin ice right in his spot so headed to the other side. Checked out a spot of mine on far east side but already had a few folks already there so decided on spot 3. Beautiful ice at 11 inches with 9 FOW and started marking some fish right away. I started with metal with only lookers coming in with only one light hit while Ronbo wasn't getting any lookers at all. Talked to a guy there close by and they hadn't gotten anything all morning so after about 20 holes we moved to a reported better spot. I changed to a different color metal, dropped down and right away had a big follower to the bottom, hit, set miss...dammit! Then another hit right away, set, miss I thought then my line started moving with nothing showing on the screen. I got it to the hole and was a 6in baby pike, only fitting I guess but skunk was off. Kept getting fish coming in on the scope but no takers, kept changing baits and color with different sizes but fish were being super finicky! At one time I had a fish right under my bait and another right above it and neither would take it! Ronbo trying everything also tied on a small little bait with a nightcrawler letting it just deadstick and bammmmm a nice fatty about 16/17in. Short after that on another crawler he got a very fat 18/19in on the deadstick. Shortly after I put on a paddlebug jig with a crawler chunk but still couldn't get any takers...sucked! I watched the fish just come in and nose my bait but no takers so I pulled it up and hung the jig straight down like a spoon and bammmm right away got a nice 15/16in. The fish did not want the jig straight out at all but just hanging and sitting still, strange, plus the bait had to be exactly 12 inches off the bottom, one inch lower or higher they would not take it! It was a beautiful day there with barely a cloud, great ice and surprisingly not very many people at all. No body there was catching anything all day, everyone moving constantly in search all day long. First breeze started up at about 2:30 and the ice stopped talkin completely and fish just turned off as fast as they started...time to go!
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Way to go Tony. Fish can get very particular at times.
Right on Tony! Glad you got out. You have to every now and then, it's good for the soul. Hope you are well buddy!
THX guys! Yeah RIP, not doing to bad. Hope things are going great for you up there, Tight lines buddy!
Glad you got out. Good report, sounds like a fun day.
Like Z says "That's why they call it fishin!":biggrin1::biggrin1:
THX Brew! Yeah, finally got to use my Clam plate with the Mora 7" and cut great but Ronbo's K-Drill was amazing so I just ordered one and cost me a whole $11.00! LOL!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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