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hey fellas,
went to the platte north of deckers try some lure fishing in the gold medal waters, with little luck only got one 10" fat boy bow, the homies got the skunk.. i caught em on a solid silver kastmaster. we also tried a variety of pistol petes and rooster tails but no luck with those. Water clarity, clear. temp guess, low 40s too cold to stand in for me.

went to eleven mile canyon.. dow is doing some maintenance 9/27-10/1 the lil paper they had posted didn't really explain what they were doing. it did say while they were doing this that the fishing would be poor, but we had a good day up there, 23 fish total between 3 of us. i got 6 bows 5-10", d got 7 bows 5-10", josh got 8 bows 5-10" and 2 browns 10"& 12".. all in the first 1/2 mile, all on salmon eggs, and all were released.. i havnt been here sence the begining of summer, the water level is low (maybe for the maintanece), clarity was very clear. lots of underwater vegitaion growth. no ice build up yet so temp guess low 40s. lotta rocks to hop on so no need to wade in this area.

if your heading that way anytime soon there was lane closers on westbound cimmaron (us 24) between the springs and woodland park, they were jack hammering the side of the mountain, riding of some dangerous rocks. plan an extra 10-15 mins...

off topic.. has anyone else noticed a sign on the south side of us 24 that says "we regret doing buisness with hotchkiss realiters"? u gotta see what it says now.. i dunno exactly what happened there but hotchkiss p/o'd someone.

until the next trip, take it easy
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