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This morning my college age daughter and I went to below Deckers to try to find some uneducated trout for her first fishing sojourn in about 10 years. She and I used to fish together all the time when she was little, but when high school, boys, and college arrived our fishing came to an end for a few years. The temps this morning at about 8:00 am were cool and the skies were clear. It warmed up to about 80 by noon. We started with some nymphing but soon saw some slashing rises in the river which seemed to be for a light caddis hatch, so we tied on some #18 grey elk hair caddis and immediately started getting strikes on every other cast. This was a perfect re-introduction to fly fishing for my daughter as she had said earlier that if we didn't catch anything it would be OK. I took this to mean she really didn't expect much luck today. The fish ran from 6" to about 12" and I've included some shots. Look at the smiles!

The fishing slowed down considerably by noon so if you go here, arrive early.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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