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Went flyfishing in  the river below Spinney today. Went after big Cutts or Rainbows,figured they would be up from 11 mile to eat the Brown trout or Koke eggs. Caught 2 RB both 22", however I caught about 35 Kokes,most  oddly enough were caught  using a midge pupa fly I tie. I had a small (#18) orange/red egg pattern as my upper fly and the pupa (#22,olive/brn) as my dropper. I figured the Browns or the RB/Cutts would eat either of the offerings. Never thought the Kokes would eat a tiny midge pupa. I thought they didnt eat during the spawn???Of the 35 or so I think I accidentally snagged about 8-10 of them. The rest ate my flies. About 7-8 ate the egg pattern. The 2 RB's were acting like they were spawning cause they were on the  Brn/Koke Reds,one even had a Koke finning right up beside it,I was almost embarrassed to look. Saw a guy catch a Cutt of about 24" just down from me. Until today I had never caught a Kokes,caught tons of trout in the river but no Kokes. By the way caught the RB on the midge pupa.
On a different subject went to BrushHollow last week,saw fish busting shad and threw a Pop-R . Ended up catching a 13" RB trout on the Pop-R,go figure.
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