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hey fellas, got up to the platte 10mi north of deckers about 9 this morning fished it til 1 or so i managed to get one 13" bow (thats my average for here), buddy caught 2 about the same size and hooked a really nice one, but it threw the hook. beautiful morning 78 degrees outside, water was warm enough to walk in, but it got cold when you got out with the breeze blowin.
went home thinking it was the end of the fishing day, but round 5 i get this call "wanna go to chatfield?" no hello or anything.. well hell yea lets do it! got there to the peer point round 545, skys were cloudy and starting to look mean, no rain yet but the wind was a blowin. at first it looked like that mean cloud was jus gunna blow by, but it decided to grow instead.. before the lightning got too close, i caught me a lil smallmouth 10", josh caught 1 walleye 14" and rick got 2 14" and 17".. it drizzled for a lil bit off and on then the lightning got lil too close. headed to the truck a waited it out.. went back to the spot after about 20 mins, still light rain, rick caught 2 more 1 wally one smally 15" n 10", i caught me 1 walley 16" and josh caught a keeper walleye 19", but he tossed it back, "ones not enough". we were soaked and that sun went behind the mountain, so called it a night round 9. well it was a nice day of fishing, prolly goin out again tomarrow dunno where yet but ill post.

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