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Thought I'd throw this report up for the "Fishslap Challenge" :cool:

2 of my buddies and myself headed up to the canyon yesterday. We made it up to the damn around 9:30 ish. After leisurely getting our gear on and rigging up our fly rods we finally got our lines wet at our favorite spot on the river.

I started out with my 6wt tossing a #20 BH Flash back PT nymph trailed by a #24 black zebra midge. A few fish showed interest, I hooked up on 1 for a couple seconds then he got off. Meanwhile one of my other buddies (a dry fly purist) was fishing a Trico pattern. He hooked into a pretty 12" bow and brought it to net, released it then a few moments later pulled a 3"er straight out of the water rocketing towards him on the same fly.

After his success I moved up stream of him using the same setup I described earlier. After fishing for about 20 minutes my indicator is starting to swing nearing the end of my drift. As it's swinging I start walking up stream to reposition myself when all of the sudden I think I catch a fly on something. Well I did, and it was a beast of a bow no less than 24" (I'd put money on that). He hit my BH flash back PT. I was trying to fight him but with the 7X tippet I was using I didn't have much room for "fighting" such a large fish, my only hope was to tire him out. This was by far the largest fish I've ever hooked on a fly rod, and the largest Trout I've ever had on the end of my line. This fish was so large that it wasn't even fighting while I was pulling him. He just picked his spot 10 feet in front of me in the river and pretty much sat there relaxing in the current, my pulling barely phasing him at all. I yelled out to my buddy saying that I'm going to need some help, as soon as he gets near me he sees the fish and jumps in the water with his net ready and waiting just down stream of me. I could not fight the fish because I was scared of breaking my tippet, so I pretty much just tried to "hold" him where he was. Well after having him on for about 5-6 minutes some way, some how, my hook releases from his mouth. Nothing broke off, the hook just came out. I was devastated.....

Anyways in the interest of keeping a long story from becoming any longer. I got a couple more hits on the 6wt nymph rig but didn't pull anything in. So I tied up my 3wt with a 9ft 7X leader, put an adult #18 Trico on the end of my 7x tippet and a #22 RS2 dropper, headed to the same spot that I hooked the big SOB and caught 5 bows within 15 minutes, all on the RS2 dropper. Most of which were juveniles (5-7") but one was of decent size (Pictured below). My one buddy (The dry fly purist) finally decided to tie on an RS2 dropper after watching me pull in the fish. So I gave him one of the RS2's that I tied and he hauled in a little guy on it, which was pretty cool. That was the first fish caught on a fly that I personally tied, so that made me feel pretty good. It was also the first fish this guy has caught on a fly rod that wasn't top water, so that was cool also.

The day ended with:

Me = 5 fish, all bows and all on a #22 RS2
Buddy #1 = 3 fish, 2 caught on small #20 Trico, 1 caught on a (home tied 8)) RS2
Buddy #2 = Got skunked unfortunately.

It was a wonderful day


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