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Special thanks to ao, ducky, and fisher32

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I don't know about the other mediocre fishermen on this site, but the reports these guys posted were killing me. 30 inch walleyes? In February?? What the hell was going on? I finally decided it was time to get my line wet for the first time in a long time, and after looking at the forecast for the week, I decided tonight would be a good time to get after it. So I put on the wool socks and took a risk by going to place that isn't exactly known for its walleye fishing.

I underestimated how cold it was really going to get, as after a couple hours my gloveless hands were starting to lose feeling. It also didn't help that I lost my heavy jacket on campus today! If I could just grind out another hour or so I could be content with at least putting in some effort. Then I finally hooked up with this guy.

I had just switched to a new cadence that didn't involve pauses when he bit, so I decided to stick with this pattern. Eleven casts later I hooked up with another just a tad smaller (no pic) and two casts after that I landed this guy.

The only reason I took a picture was because I was wondering if this was a saugeye? Forgot to look at the tail, but he had the splotchy patterning and spots on the fins.

At this point, I am feeling good about my chances to get a big fish....and thats exactly what happened!! At least big by my standards, a new personal best at 27.25. Kind of upset that I couldn't get a weight, as the new scale I bought required a 9 volt battery I didn't have. Was thinking maybe around 8 pounds?

So in conclusion I thank the three aforementioned colorado fisherman members for giving me the motivation to go out in the cold and try to stick a big one. There is nothing like being fishless for four months and nailing a personal best when there is not another soul at the lake. One of my greatest fishing experiences yet. All fish were caught on a purple darter rogue (figured it was my best bet with the fullish moon) jerked down a few feet and slowly retrieved with some twitches.

Good luck and get out and fish!
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