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Fished Spinney Thursday 2-7pm and Friday 7-12am.  Trolled with Raplalas with and w/o lead line and caught two and had serveral hits on a Tasmainian.  One hit so hard it pulled drag on 20# test power pro.  I am going to change the treble on that lure because for whatever reason the fish get off alot.  Other guys caught a keeper trout and several small pike on flatfish.  Camped at 11 mile and Friday morning it was 19 deg on the drive back to Spinney.   Thought I drained the outboard correctly and even turned it over with the kill switch engaged but upon lauching the boat, no water came out.  So I fished near the boat ramp with the electric using a motor oil tube jig and threw out the fly line with a weighted black bugger.  Picked two trout up on the fly line in the pole holder.  One small pike and several hits on the tube.  About 9am the motor pumped water and I ran across to the south bay, fished the weeds in about 20 ft and caught several trout and smallish pike with the tube.  Last trout, 19inch, was caught at 11:30 but I had to leave.  That was fun and you never know what you might catch.
     Nobody I talked to had great luck or any monster fish that Spinney is known for but I still think you have a good chance.   Nobody I talked to was skunked either.  Next stop Pueblo after the storm rolls through.  Any ideas for the wiper? 
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