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I would like to start by thanking all of you who gave me some info and put up with all my posts requesting info.

Got to the gates about 9pm. I was 11th in line. I met a couple of guys from Fort Collins in line. I told them about the site. If you guys read this post how you did.

The spectacle of the open is something everyone should see. Watching all those people RUN to get a spot was funny. Yes yes I ran as well but it was my first time so give me a break.

I was just below the first parking lot after the dam. It was a really fun time. I love that I can call 14-16 inch fish my small fish. Most fish were 18-22 inches. Action was great untill about 9:30am then the wind died and the sun was out and the lake turned to glass. But they were still there. I caught a fish on my third cast. It wasn't what I caught fish on it was what didn't catch fish. Eggs, scuds, wooly bugger, copper john, and little midges. But, and I can't stress this enough the olive scud was HOT! I mean it they were all over it. Of coarse I only had ONE. Fishing seemed to pick up when there was a little wind or something to stir up the lake a little. Didn't get many pics. Thanks to the guy next to me who took the one pic. I need to get back up there soon.

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