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Fished from about 7 to 3. Sky was completely clear most of the day. No wind really at all until after 1pm. Then it blew straight out of the east so it didn't help much until it shifted and came slightly out of the south.

Only 1 car in the north lot when we got there. Felt weird not to have more people there. People kept showing up thoughout the morning though.

Caught a couple of dozen by the time the day was done, but it was pretty tough fishing most of the day. I was fishing flies. I couple of guys were catching fish on tubes pretty good at times, but it would go cold for them too. Most people were fishing flies during the morning around us. Everyone would get a bump now and then, but with the flat water and no clouds the fish just weren't feeding in close. Later in the afternoon the wind was swirling. It would hit from one side and then the next almost blowing you into the lake.

It was a rewarding day because we had to work at it and it paid off in the end when it was pretty much a fish on every cast and every fish seemed to get bigger.

Keys for the day

- Keep trying different stuff. I used the same pattern in 2 different colors. One hooked a dozen, the other didn't draw a hit. The fly you used 3 years ago with great success may not be working on this day. I caught 90% of my fish on flies I hadn't used up there before.
- The lake can be tough at times, especially if the weather is too nice. You aren't always going to go up there and start shooting fish in a barrel. Be prepared to tough it out or ditch and run to your 2nd option.
- If you are working at it and everything comes together (right fly, right spot, right weather, right depth, right time) you can have a great day.

Good luck to you.

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