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*I had a big funny post all about my trip and my internet craped out and lost it so I apologize I am to angry to do it again so here are the nuts and bolts*

Spinney Monday:

1.Really Foggy
2.Olive scuds and Vanilla Buggers
3.1/4oz gold kastmatsers (trust me my girlfriend out fished me 2 to 1)
4.Fishing was great!

Dream Stream:
1.Lots of active fish
2.RS2 and Black Beauty
3.Fishing was good

Digital Camera died after about 5 minutes but we each got pics of our first fish. Unlike [email protected]#$$%#@ comcast, photobucket saves my stuff so here are the pics.

That aint snow that's fog!

Is the fish yelling at me?

One of my girlfriends MANY (grumble grumble)

Great day out!

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The best day that I have ever had at Spinney was when you couldn't see
more than 15-20 feet in front of you. Caught a rainbow in the 5-6lb. range.
It made for a very interesting boat ride around the lake. Nice Fish!
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