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Spinney 7/8

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Hit Spinney again today. The weather started out cloudy and calm until about 9:30 and then the wind picked up a bit. Water temps started out at 62 degrees.

Calmed down again an hour later and was beautiful out. Ended up catching 9 Bows a Brown and a Snake River Cutt. Broke off a few...Those fish fight like a son of a gun..other than big lakers and wiper, it would be hard to find feistier fish in Colorado.

Here's a few crappy fish pics..Just too much going on in the toon. Three came on metal, the rest on the fly rod.

Only saw a few of these today..Not much of a hatch.

Got run off the lake around three and Hwy 24 was closed due to flash flooding, so I detoured at Woodland Park and took Mount Herman home.

Ran into Bill (Anteroman) in the parking lot as we came off the lake..It was great meeting you Bill. You got one heck of a fishing rig there...and I'm jealous that you live so close..I'm sure I'll see you up there again. Also met Dallas..He's from Kansas..Nice talking to you Dallas. It was a fun day out.

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How big are they from up there these days hobie?
Bigger than they've been in years. My buddy Lou caught one last trip that was 24 inches and 6 or more pounds. Over the last two trips, I've picked up three or four in the 22/23 inch range running 4 lbs or more. Most seem to be running in that 18/20 inch range 2 to 3lbs. Very healthy fish. Had a few yesterday that turned my toon in circles before I could land them.

I've been using straight 4lb test as a leader and have broken off several over the last couple of trips. I'll be changing to six pound test as a leader. They hit like a freight train. Keep an eye on your rod or it's gone. I know Bill mentioned that he had recently switched to a 3x leader to avoid break offs..That's what? 7lb test.
You won't be disappointed. It's a hoot.
I didn't pick up any pike this trip..a few small ones last trip. I did find them stacked up like cord wood on a sand bar...just couldn't get them to take. Just not interested.

what interweb photo shop you use? I can not see any of your pics...Have not been able to for some time now:confused:

Thanks for the report.
I just use photobucket.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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