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I posted this in the fly fishing section but I'll post it here too.
I was suppose to go ice fishing this morning but my friend bailed on me so I thought I would try to hit Spinney Mountain Ranch. I got there about 7:30 this morning it waws 12 degrees out dont know water temp lost my temp gauge. Started out throwing an egg pattern and wasnt getting any hits so I switched to a black wooly worm. 3rd or 4rth cast with that I landed a 10 inch rainbow. Didnt get any bites or nibbles until around 1030 when some dude came down to where I was fishing while I was tying a fly on and casted into my spot and landed a 24 inch rainbow on a leech pattern WOW the fish in this part of the platte are large. I was kinda mad about him fishing my spot but it was still kewl to see that nice of a fish come out of there. Seen about 4 people pull out 20+ inch rainbows today. I found another pod of fish looked even bigger then the one that dude had just caught and there were probably 8 of them in this little bend in the river. But I couldnt even get a bite out of them I dead drifted my fly right by their noses and all they would do is move out of the way. I changed alot of different flies and patterns but all my flies and 3 ft of leader later not one hit. (I dont have many different fly patterns yet) The wind started to pick up around 130 so I packed it in and drove back to the Springs.
Rottal you need to come show me how to catch these monsters.
Spinney was extremely busy for such a little stretch of water, and it was a cold day so I could just image that stretch on a beautiful day thats going to be crazy.
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