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copy/paste below:

SPINNEY IS OPENING! Ice has come off Spinney and we are opening Saturday, April 27th, at 5:09 am! The first 250 people get our cool, free commemorative sticker. Make sure your boat is #CleanDrainedDry to make getting through the mandatory ANS inspection station faster. Boats can only be launched from the North Ramp due to low water levels. if you do not have a boat, please use our south side to make room on the North Ramp for our boaters.

We are planning to open #ElevenMileReservoir on Monday, April 29th to boating. A separate announcement will be made for Eleven Mile Reservoir's boating opening.

Things to remember:

Spinney is one of 3 cherished gold medal reservoirs, so only artificial flies and lures are permitted.

Bag and possession limit is one trout 20" or longer. Unlimited pike and perch, but they cannot be wasted.

Spinney is day use only and opens 30 mins before sunrise and closes 30 mins after sunset.

There is a mandatory ANS inspection upon entrance and exit for boaters. Live wells must be clean, drained and dry.

All coolers are subject to inspection to ensure compliance with fishing possession limits.

#SpinneyOpening2019 #SpinneyReservoir #ElevenMileStatePark #ElevenMileCPW
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