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Spinney Sow Bug Followup

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I went and found the Ed Dentry article on the two tiger muskies online and noticed that he also reported sow bugs at Spinney. I then recalled an old link in which some Wyoming fishermen opened their tackle boxes and showed me what a sowbug really looked like. Here's the link to that topic:

May have to start tying a few of these. Has anyone tried a sow bug in Spinney?
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last week an article in the paper about spinny was all about sow bugs.

i actually did that post and asked about the sow bug and what kind of fly one would use as an imitation. Rottal seems to be the one with the receipe for it and knew of the old dude that used to tie them.

i was surprised that the trout at spinny were keyed into these and everyone thought them to be gray scuds?
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