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Went to Spinney last weekend. Started at the Homestake inlet and couldn't hardly find a fish, one take that's all.... Went over to the Farthest parking lot and fished in that bay just past the mudline. Strike indicator at the top of the leader with 6x flourocarbon tippet. I tied up a bunch of red midges on size 14 hooks the night before.... WOW, that was the ticket! I caught a good 20 fish or so. Only one legal one which was released. Most were 16-19". After the mudline got too far out and I couldn't reach it with the flyrod anymore, I picked up my spinning rod and started throwing a 1/4 oz. little cleo. Banged quite a few fish on that too! Caught several smaller fish in the 12-14" range with some bigger ones mixed in. So many midges were hatching out of that muddy bottom the casings were piling up along the shoreline! It was good to see those smaller sized fish!! Another class of them to grow up!

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