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By far, the most luck for splake on Parvin has been in 9 to 14' of water off the "point" btw the 2 dams on the north end. For that matter, our best winter fishing in gen'l (rainbows, browns) have been there as well. I've only fished Parvin once this winter and caught but one splake, but several rainbows and a couple browns. Following the introduction of tiger muskie into Parvin, the splake and trout fishing got much better. I figured that the tiger muskie were eliminating suckers, etc. Of course, Parvin being a fly/lure lake one could never know if there were a lot of suckers in there. But, perhaps coincidently or not, the average splake/trout size increased dramatically after that introduction. No answer as to why splake numbers are down now. John
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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