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1st,    if rkymtnhi was using non salt immatation Senkos that's great (especially if they were Maniac's  ;)).

2nd,   No one attacked anyone. Don only stated that Sencos were illegal. That is important info. If rkymtnhi was using salt free immatations, he already knows this, but there are other members/surfers that obviously don't!

If you look in a Bass Pro Shop catalog, they describe Gary Yamamoto's Sencos as "salt impregnated". Making them illegal at ANY Colorado artificial lure/fly water.

I commend Don for his post. I have a special tackle backpack of only scent/salt free lures/baits. I use this at my favorite fly/lure water (alot of you know where I'm talking about). I have to admit, I've been struggling there.  :-[  Anyway, I read a post on here or somewhere else about a contest in fly/lure waters where the ranger said "just rinse the salt off". I got my hopes up, and asked a ranger if this was ok there. Very nice ranger, but it was a no-go. No salt whatsoever. Doesn't matter if the bag doesn't say salted. You'll notice that Maniac Custum Lures have a NO SALT/SCENT  sticker on them.

I'm not trying to argue w/ anyone here, I would actually love someone to prove me wrong, so I could use them. Just making sure all members know the facts. 

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