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Got there about 8:00 and threw spinners, cranks and tubes on 1 rod while the other rod sat with crawler/ PB. Cought the 1st about 9:30 and 3 more all 13-14", lost 1, at the shoreline missed probably 3 other others, by 10:30 on salmon peach PB/ small piece of worm. Nothing more by noon when I left. Mealies didn't get bit neither did a few other colors of power bait. I set up w/ salmon eggs just once, because I hate those things, and they were gone next cast. One of the fish I cought spit my worm, 2 salmon eggs and my salmon peach up. 5700 new fish and not very many being cought. word of advice...dont cast far. These stockers are shallow! All my catches/ bites came from within 20' of shore.
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