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I'll be hitting up Stagecoach from sunday the 31st to June 5th. I've been there in the fall for the last 3 years for a quick camping trip (in October) and was wondering how the fishing is this time of year for pike.

I'm hoping to fish in the coves in the mornings and eves casting buzz baits, spinnerbaits, flukes, jerkbaits and a couple of cheap bigger swimbaits I've been wanting to try out. In the mid day I plan to troll in deeper water for a few trout for dinner. Don't plan on keeping any pike unless I get a few little guys under 28" on the last day or two, just car camping so they will have to keep in the cooler untill I get home.

Any advice for the lake for this time of year would be great.
Thanks, I'll put up a report when I get back
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