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  Made a last minute desicion to go to Stagecoach (after 3rd cancelled Spinney trip  :'()

  1st- Got a late start.
  2nd- Got a fat speeding ticket  :mad:
  3rd- Terrible driving conditions on the Peak to Peak (Hwy 7)
  Six hours later, it was all worth it!  Arrived at Stagecoach around 1:30/2:00.  Beautiful Res and gorgeous day!

Sunsetting before we left!

  Decided to only fish for a couple of hours.  Wanted to leave a little time to fish the Yampa as our hotel was right on it.  My wife caught a good sized trout using our favorite flavor of power bait-(top secret ::))  I had a Northern on a fly that shook off.  I had another hit a spoon a foot from shore, but missed him. 

My wife out fishing me.

  We checked in to our hotel in Steamboat and found the river behind it frozen.  We were tired anyway, so ordered Soda Creek (BBQ Chicken Cordon Blue pizza-yummm!  ;D)  We watched the Avs lose (but not as bad as they lost to Detroit haha :D)

  The next morning was another beautiful day.  We arrived at Stagecoach around 9:45.  I had a Northern follow a Little Cleo right away.  The lake was like glass and I didn't have any other action unitl about 12:30, when I caught a decent trout on a fly.  Not long after  I had two large fish race after a Pike swim bait.  I gave it a pause, and one of the fish hit it.  I saw right away that it was another Trout.  It was a great fish, but I was hoping for a Northern.  About 2:30 I was getting desperate (I had planned on leaving around 3:30 for the long drive home).  I went basic with a red/white DareDevil.  On the first cast I had a fish.  I was sure it was the Northern that I was after.  However, I reeled in yet another nice trout.

Right Lure Wrong Fish!?

  I would have been happy.  It was a beautiful day spent with my wife and daughter and I had caught 3 nice fish.  However, I got lucky.  On the very next cast I pulled in this Northern Pike. 

:) :) :)

  Not that big, but I had caught, and gotten a photo of the fish I was after.  I can't wait to go back in the Spring! ;D
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