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stages of coloradofisherman

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i was just wondering the different stages of being a coloradofisherman member is there any signifagance(i cant spell) to the different levels . I was also wondering since the number of members is getting to be large if maybe we could have meetings or something to start doing something about cleaning up our lakes and res. instead of just talking about it . I would love to attend a meeting where I could talk to people about changing the way things are . all in all im very very pleased with the site . This site has so much diversity its awesome that so many different types of fisherman have the same views on rules regs and just plain old cleaning after yourself . Not to get all deep but i feel lucky to be a part of this site and proud to contribute to it somewhat . so im gonna order a t-shirt and rock it when i go fishing .
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Great idea dude i'm in.
also post about a cleanup get to gether i bet a few of us could hook up for a clean up at one of our local lakes. it wouldnt be so bad walking around a lake picking up trash if ya had some buds along to shoot the breeze

anyone interested in doing a cleanup at deweese, brush hollow or on the ark near there or even some high lakes/ streams in the sangres let me know we'll get something started

i should be out at deweese some time tomarrow but they never got back to me with a time or meeting place may have to go solo
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