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had a few hours to kill and headed over to the lake, I was'nt expecting not to catch anything,boy was i wrong :eek: ended up catching 20 plus fish all around 12" in about 2 hours from 3-5pm. did not matter what i used tried salmon eggs,worms,PB. it all seemed to work. even though they were all stockers it was fun to have that kinda of action. i forgot how crazy that place gets when they open it up to boats ???,

I also went out on the 4-30 from about 6-to close and ended up with 5 fish with one going 171/2" he was caught on a zip lure, when i was there, there was a guy out on the dock who let out a big yell which got my attention man was this guy excited he caught the biggest trout he has ever caught it was 20" and around 3.5lbs ended up comeing over and talking to him the look on his face was priceless ;D it made my whole trip worth it. i must say the fishing over threre sure has picked up. all fish were released that i caught. i will post pics as soon as i get a chance to upload them. the 20"er was caught on a panther martin.

tight lines AKA burn-n-daylight

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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