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I fished Stanley from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. The skiers were driving me crazy. I was trolling the dam face with a Deep Diving taildancer and a wally diver and the would run right next to the boat. No Luck with that method. They I tried drifting in deeper water with a crawdad NO LUCk too much boat traffic. Then I pulled over to the point off the Island and started catching first was a LMB 14 inches on a glass rapala. I was working one rod casting and the other dead sticking a jig. Soon the fishing picked up as the boat traffic died. I caught 30 bule gills, 1 crappie and 2 smallmouth all in the last two hours. The blue gill fishing got so hot that I started going for them with two rods. I was using ice fishing jigs and it was a lot of fun. The crappie was my first in Colorado over all it was a great night after the boats left. I was the last boat off the lake. The ranger pulled off right after me.
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