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I was torn  as to fish the am bite or fish the pm bite. Well I had to get several things ready for the trip so I went on the pm side when I got there a man and his wife were pulling in from a day of fishing it looked like he kept everything he caught. Several small walleye,a blue gill and a trout. I was hoping I didn't miss the action. He said all his fish came from the south west bay. He aslo said that he lost several large fish at the boat and they broke his line. I made the run accross the lake ,but it was ski city in the bay. I couldn't get a fish to bite. The wind really picked up and I lost my favorite hat going back to where I had caught some fish last week by the bouy line. At 6:30 I caught the first walleye 17" in 19 feet of water right next to the rangers dock. I was pulling a wally diver in a perch pattern. The next fish came on the inside rod on a turn another walleye a little bigger then the last one. That pattern followed for the next three fish. Then I tried dragging some leaches on the bottom and caught a 10"smallmouth. It was a great way to close the night.

I learned a good lesson tonight ...don't clean your fish at the fish station when it turns dark! You become the hunted...mesquitos sucked me dry.... Kept three walleye  and I paid with blood.

I like fishing Stanley because there is no size limit to walleyes and if you catch a small fish you can keep it. It has smallmouth,wipers, bluegills,walleye and trout. So you can target several species and if one is biting one of the others will. You need to fish this lake in the week because the water craft take over on the weekend. The only bummer is that it cost $12 dollars to fish with a boat. Free if you walking.

This winter I walked to shore of the lake and saw a very large dead walleye on the shore. I mean huge 13 to 15 lbs. This lake is the state record holder and  can produce some big fish. It was been slow to start this year ,but I will go until it gets hot.
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