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hey went out to stanley 2nd time ive ever been out there (yesterday was the first) fished from shore wont have my boat until the end of summer so.....but anyway does anyone have any tips spots baits to try etc etc today and yesterday i fished the SOUTH inlet see a bunch of wallys jump but couldnt get a bite for nothin i hear the N side is the way to go but the south is free since i have my girl drop me of well any help greatly appreciated thx guys...
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pitbull said:
see a bunch of wallys jump
Someone may need to correct me but im willing to bet what ever it was you saw jumping were not Walleyes. Mostly likley carp(If your going by the color of what you saw) I may be wrong.....


[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
agreed, I don't think walleyes are much on jumping.
umm .. Baits to use. Mussel is a good way to start. Crawdad and I guess night crawlers wont be a bad idea on bringing. What are you targeting.

Well if you hear a fish jump and it SLAPS the water its more likely to be a carp. But everywhere else is pretty much slow just as STANLEY is. But good luck if you do go out. The trout seem to be close to casting in the early mornings by the inlet. So bring so power bait and trout gear..!

-sorry not much help
There is a walk in area on the north side of the lake. It is just west of the new school as you crest the hill coming from Wads. it is just north of the boat ramp. I bet it is no more than 200 yards to the bathroom and fish cleaning station. Nice path also so bring a wagaon or cart to carry your cooler and such. Just a reminder if you are shore fishing on that side to be careful of the rangers. It is a alcohol free lake.

yea jay i was goin off the color couldve have been carp they were a ways out so didnt get a real good look at em.......(would be nice if they were wallys... ;D) but i think im gonna go out tomorrow early in the morning any one else got any info for me? id appreciate it yesterday by the S inlet i was throwin powerbait on one pole and a white rooster tail on my other......on the right track for that lake ??? i was thinkin worms would be worth a shot id like to catch some walleyes or even some wipers would be nice well actually anything would be nice so let the suggestions roll ppl!! lol
If yuor looking for Walleyes id throw and a worm out on bottom and with the other pole Id throw a jig or a crank bait.


[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
thx jay i think i might try that then ill let ya know how i do.. N shore or S? i was talkin to one guy said somethin about the dam?? i dont know. what do u think?
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