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State Record Smallmouth, etc.

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I was just looking over the state record fish on this website. (As an aside ... this is the greatest friggin' website! ;D Thanks!) Some records may last a while -- a 30-pound brown -- that's a freak fish!

On the other hand, the state record smallie was five pounds-twelve ounces from Navajo Reservoir. Big fish, sure, but I know there are bigger smallies out there right now -- probably in Aurora and Chatfield Reservoirs -- and probably other places too. I saw photos of a couple pre-spawn female (?) pigs from Aurora earlier this year that must have gone around five pounds each.

A new state record, 40-plus pound tiger is swimming around out there too. In fact, I'm pretty sure the monster that broke me off a couple years ago at Quincy was bigger than that! (Actually, it was big, but probably not THAT big).

Don't you think these records are going to fall, if not this season, within a couple years? Interested in input ....
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I wonder how many record setting fish that have been caught but sumbitted for the record.
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