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Headed east and had a fun day. Lots of eyes found most of them on the shallower side of things pitching jigs. For some strange reason had quite a few 5-7 carp crush our jigs. I've snagged them and caught one or two on lipless cranks but never like this. The pull was fun at first until the orange confirmed it wasn't a wiper or big eye. Good action all day. I lost a new bait casting rig off my boat off the dam if anyone snags it I'll send you a nice reward. Also the damndest thing happened when I was pulling trebles on the bottom trying to snag the rod and reel....after about an hour I feel some weight and think to myself holy smokes I have it !!! turns out it was some idiotic drum that decided a large bare treble hook looked appetizing :confused:
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Bigger carp will eat minnows. Years ago, I used to catch big carp at night on minnows.
Yep. Caught a bunch on crankbaits, too.
The distinction I was trying to make is that, with lures, it may be a reaction strike. With the real things, it's probably more deliberate. One night in the late 90s, I was fishing the inlet at Sutherland in Nebraska. I was throwing larger sized minnows into the current on a hook and sinker. At the time, local shops in Nebraska were selling larger minnows than the standard fatheads. I was probably using 8-10 lbs line and a medium power rod. I hooked into a couple of beasts that broke me off. I could hardly move those things. In fact, they didn't even care about me unless I pulled as hard as I could on the line. Then they would strip line. Big fish just don't give a chit about you. I thought I had ran into a school of monster sized stripers. I switched to a heavier rod and line and managed to pull a couple to shore. They were just big carp, over the 20 lbs mark.
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