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I had the opportunity to fish Stocker Lake (Pond) in Wray (Eastern Colorado) over the weekend. Lots of Largemouth and Smallmouth among others some say there are Muskie in there as well.
Caught 2 LM 15" and 17". Nice fish. It's 160 miles from Denver though. But if you are in the area try it. No gas motors either. Also no entry fee into the park. I would go catch some chubs near there (near Laird) before you go, the Bass love em'. Just take a very small sized hook with a piece of worm on it.
Chubs are located east of Wray around 4 miles from the Wray sign and in a little creek on the right below a green house with a detached garage. You will find them under a bridge or on the other side of the highway. (Telling secrets now better stop)....Have fun.  ::)
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