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As for technique on streamers, the one described by throwing it across, with a downstream mend is pretty classic swing technique. As you do that, try to get it to swing broadside through the currents. As it is directly below you - resist the urge to just pick it up. Instead, raise the rod tip to make it come up in the current. Drop it, then strip back giving side to side mends.
I like the side to side mend idea... I shall adopt that.

Until last year I had never caught a trout while stripping upstream from directly below myself, even though I had employed this sort of tactic many, many a time.

I let it swing allllll the way down, let it settle... striiiiip-striiiiiip-THUMP! I couldn't believe it had happened because I had been covering the water pretty thoroughly for a while without even a sniff. She was sitting pretty shallow too - not anywhere near "the run".


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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