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I like the Size 16 posts - Micro Buggers, or Micro Streamers are one of my favorite High Lake patterns and small stream patterns.

As for technique on streamers, the one described by throwing it across, with a downstream mend is pretty classic swing technique. As you do that, try to get it to swing broadside through the currents. As it is directly below you - resist the urge to just pick it up. Instead, raise the rod tip to make it come up in the current. Drop it, then strip back giving side to side mends.

Also, make sure you work that technique by gradually increasing the length of your casts. Once you have worked to your furthest point, take a few steps downstream, and repeat.

In fast seams, Cast up and across. Give a big Upstream Mend (in the air) to keep it come directly across the stream. Strip fast.

Slow holes, I like to throw upstream, let it sink, and then creep it back. Typically like patterns that pulsate (like Tangler said) in these situations, like a crawdad

The Bugger/ Worm or Egg combo (about 18 to 24" of tippet between them). Mostly like this when fishing tailwaters and you can sight fish to stacked fish. Throw upstream above the fish, as the streamer gets close, small twitches and strips. Fish eats or doesnt. Then, holding the rod high, let the pig sticker or egg or worm drift naturally.

Working downriver, or drifting. Throw slightly downstream angling your arm during the cast to give a straigth line to the fly. Keep tension. As soon as it hits the spot you are casting to, give it a big strip, pause, then strip hard. You want it to smack. I like this with a sink tip when Im in a boat, but walking you can do with a really long leader and weight

In lakes, a slow retrieve with a hand Twist instead of a strip. (if you dont know what a hand twist is, it is exactly what it sounds like. You are basically twisting the ine around your hand Pinky to Thumb making the fly move slowly rising and falling)

And finally, get a spinning Rod and some Rapalas or Dynamic Lures. Tons of fun there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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