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There is a decent sized Salmon in there with my lure in its mouth! HAhaA!
Hooked into a good one with the wrong gear. Snapped my line half way in.

Pros: fish. not much competition.
Cons: hike in/time spent to get there.

It is around an 11 mile hike in and back starting from the Bear Creek Trail.
I hiked in last year from the Bear Creek Trail. Moderate difficulty, especially with the high rainfall last spring. There are a few creek crossings at the end. Some of them we had to build a bridge to get across. Water is not too deep down the creek most of the time, but was flowing fast. It leads to a great little cove. The creek mouth into the dam is about the only spot you can fish with ease. Water gets deep fast! The South edge is also the only viable fishing option, and even that is pretty dicey with the steep banks. North bank is almost sheer cliff. Did see a bighorn up the cliff though.

Got a few trout, had a good time. Doubt it will ever be an overly fished spot. The hike keeps the couch fisherman away.
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