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i think it depends .....largemouths just like most fish are opertunistic feeders(spelling b champ) they will hide around cover and pretty much pounce on anything that resembles food . I honestly believe with largemouths its about targeting a response from them more then its matching exact forage . For smallmouths which i dont fish for that often I know a big part of thier diet is crawdads . Ive also heard sometimes the smallmouths feed on them exclusivly . Another thing to keep in mind dunbar alot of the smaller ponds and lakes your fishing dont have shad populations which bass love to eat and certain times of the year anything that resembles one will without a doubt put you on some fish . So a crawdad imitation is always a good bet for either species but its still not to lake to use a buzzbait and get some massive reaction strikes . sorry im rambling a bit first post of the day
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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