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I was to lazy to take nice pics it was a really long trip. Started off at Big Mac. The fishing was really slow there. Just not a good night lyn's car got stuck. Hope ur ok man i missed your call, when i saw it i called you back.

We caught a total 10 fish between the guys in my car, 3 wipers and 7 cats. Mcconaughy 10 fish in one night is a slow night. I actually went to sleep really early in the night. Told my boy to wake me up when the fish start biting. Sunrise still no wake up call LOL.

I was going to get ready to drive home but my pops friend said 10 fish is not going to cut it. So instead of going west we went east. Go to sutherland and saw a group of like 10-12 guys with stringers of fish. My first thought was damn the fish stopped biting. The guys told us go ahead jump in, cause they were going home. Man the fishing was good. Total 33 cats 1-2lb, 4 bluegill, and 4 wipers from sutherland.
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Nice job H&L. I woke up around 8am and got out around 9am.Ranger gave me a ride to the marina and the guy pulled me out with his truck.Slow night but where can you consistantly catch 4 to 6lb wipers in Colorado!I think it was the full moon!Your still the man Tony,all the knowledge you have shared and helping people who are new to this method of fishing,cant thank you enough.I also want to say that all the members that i met are some of the nicest and friendly people that i've met in a long time!Once again I cant say enough about this being an awsome site!!!

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Way to turn around a slow night. It sappears that falling and staying a sleep worked out to your advantage. I would have been real hard to have stayed awake to continue to fish Sutterland on Sunday; nice catch.

Although my partner and I brought home the skunk, we had a great time.

Lynn, after getting stuck, I'm glad that you had the chance to hook into some fish, and theat nice wiper, you deserved it! Drop me a pm so that we can get together, to collect the tow strap, and perhaps to get together for another fish outing.

It was great meeting you, and it turned out to be a great night regardless.

sounds like you guys did pretty good. I still am looking to catch a wiper but I don't want to drive like 7 hours to do it :p
What city do u live in TroutFishingBear? Im guessing in the mountains somewhere.

Looks like you're the champ H&L!
H&L, where did you fish at and what bait. I have not fished there before, how are the roads, sandy? Any info would be great, thanks
I used crawfish tails. Dirt Roads. Location secret.
Theres water infront of it. Man like 1eyered said a while back u guys gotta go out and do some of the dirty work yourself's instead of just waiting for some one to post. Part of fishing is finding where the fish are.
right on, your still the man H&L. Take Care.
born2fsh said:
right on, your still the man H&L. Take Care.
Most definitely.
Im not trying to be hardheaded or mean but if you go im pretty sure you'll get into some catfish up there. My pops friends just called me like 2 minutes and they caught their limit already and they were there just for a couple hours and they fished at a different spot than i did. Its been hot so the cats are ready to eat.
H&L- Did you run into some laos & viet guys there? I heard they were out there last weekend.
I saw 4 carloads of laos guys didnt think any of them where viet.
my grandpa and uncle goes to mac almost every week, white 4 runner nice people always helps people out of the sand!
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