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I just joined the Forum after reading as a guest for the last several months. There certainly seems to be a wealth of info on this site.
So, does anyone care to help a newbie to Colorado find some keys to unlocking the secrets of these several lakes down here in the 4 Corners?
Narraguinep Res. and McPhee Res. have populations of walleye that I'd like to find. DOW personnel describe McPhee walleyes as big, abundant, and nearly impossible to catch. Seems they fill up on yellow perch just by opening their mouths. Anyone have experience with these fish here?
Pike are new to me, too. I got into several last summer at Narraguinep and Puett, but nothing consistantly. Any help would be appreciated.
I moved from Jackson Hole Wy. Fly rodding for all those trout species is what we did up there. Lake trout to 25 inches on the fly in shallow water-now that's a good way to catch them (Jackson Lake in Sept.)
I also have a small pond with lmb, smb, perch, rainbows, possibly a pike, and a couple of 30" grass carp, so I guess I can always just stay home. I'd rather explore the wilds.
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