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I fished Swanson about 7 years ago, and the wipers were on. But the catchfishing was outstanding. We fished the lakeside of the dam out of the Crestliner, and were rigged with chickenlivers and trebble hooks; we must have landed about sixteen cats before making it back to the campsite about midnight (avg size 2 to 3 lbs). They all went back into the lake. Got up real early the following morning, and launched the boat into a peasoup fog, and went at them with checken livers again. We landed about another six and my daughter hooked into a 10lb carp. She was twelve then, and started crying as I tried to coach her on. I thought she had nailed one of the larger catfish before bringing it into the boat.

She was smiling ear to ear because I told her, even though Dad landed it was still her BIG fish. I have that iphto in the album, and its as her biggest fish to date. I don't think I'll ever forget Swanson.

I love Nebraska!

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