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When Ole turned 65, he was all excited about getting his first social security check, so he decided to walk down to the social security office and pick up his check in person.

When he got back, his wife Lena was waiting with hands on hips. "Ah hah!" she says, "Ya fergot yer social security card!"

"Yah, but I got da check!" says Ole.

"How??!?" says Lena.

"Vell," says Ole, "She yust about didn't give it to me. I showed her my drivers license, and dat vasn't enough. Den I showed her some oder t'ings I had, and she vouldn't take dose. So finally I yust pulled up my shirt and showed her da white hairs on my chest, den she t'ought I vas old enough, and she gave me da check!"

"Ah, Ole," sighs Lena, "Ya dumb Svede! Vy didn't ya pull down yer pants, and collect disability, too!!!"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts