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Trying to get all my gear a little more organized and I was hoping I could get some suggestions from you guys as to how you do it. Do you have your tackle organized by type of bait, action, color/species, depth of run, fish designed to catch, time of year to be used or some other method I haven't thought of? Mostly mine are broken down by type of bait in seperate removable boxes then by depth each of them run in the water then by color.

Mine break out like this with each box having 12 to 18 compartments, each compartment holding several similar baits:
Box#1 - Lipless crankbaits and swimbaits
Box#2 - Suspending & floating divers (lipped jerkbaits)
Box#3 - Sinking divers & deep diving stickbaits (bigger stuff)
Box#4 - Plastics: worms/grubs/tubes and craws with jigheads
Box#5 - Spinner baits
Box#6 - Topwater / buzz baits / poppers
Box#7 - Spoons and spinners (roostertails etc..)
Smaller boxes of hooks, sinkers and rigs like flashers or wedding rings

Quincy/Aurora with there no salted or scented rule screwed me. I had to make a seperate box just to bring to quincy/aurora, then I figured while I was at it I would make a seperate box for Crappie fishing with my kids. I thought I had a lot of fly-fishing crap but this warm water stuff is getting insane. I hope my wife never finds out what a that stuff costs.

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I keep it simple

1 little double sided Plano box with Panther Martins, Z Rays, and Tazmanian Devils in

1 small box with tubes and jigheads

1 small box of crankbaits

1 box of flies

1 waterproof box that holds digital camera

I keep everything in a small duffle bag, and depending on what I am fishing for I put a box or 2 in a small Filson shoulder bag.

This has haunted me for years. Here's what I have currently...

For trout and panfish I have a tackle bag. Top compartment - terminal tackle. Next compartment below - jars and bobbers/floats. Compartment below that has 4 plastic divided boxes - one with cranks, one with plastics and jigs, one with spinners, and another with plastics. Pocket 1 on right - trolls (cowbells, dodgers, etc.) pocket on left - more trolls.

Similar to this

For Walleye and Bass - I have one plastic box with four sections. Section one- terminal tackle, section two- crank baits, section three- jigs, section 4 - small selection of popular (in my mind) plastics.

One of these only back to back (couldn't find a pic)

Plastics Bag - 6 plastic divided boxes of assorted plastic worms, swimbaits, and jigs of all sizes and colors. One box of terminal tackle

Similar to this

Pike and Musky - one plastic divided Plano box of large crank baits and pre-tied wire and steal leaders.

Catfish - one plastic Plano divided box of assorted terminal tackle

Ice fishing - one fly box full of jigs - similar to this where it has 4 panels of nothing bit clips

Fly fishing - 6 or 8 individual fly boxes of various flies (I've haven't organized or found a system that works well yet) as well as leader pouch and necessary items in a backpack (I gave up on a vest or chest pack). Still experimenting.

That doesn't include the stuff floating around the boat - deep six divers, a box of bulk small plastics I bought off e-Bay earlier this Spring, a bunch of jig heads I haven't organized, etc., etc., etc. Most of the stuff stays in the boat (except ice fishing stuff) - when I'm going with a friend or fishing from shore, I just grab the bag/box that I'll need for what we're targeting. Naturally, they overlap sometimes (as with spinners or cranks) but I've moved things around to where 90% of the time I'm not kicking myself for forgetting something (Usually by taking two boxes with me).

I stopped fishing the Aurora lakes when a ranger made a comment to me about some folks not being "hard core" enough to put together a special tackle box for Quincy. There are plenty of other places to go.
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