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Trying to get all my gear a little more organized and I was hoping I could get some suggestions from you guys as to how you do it. Do you have your tackle organized by type of bait, action, color/species, depth of run, fish designed to catch, time of year to be used or some other method I haven't thought of? Mostly mine are broken down by type of bait in seperate removable boxes then by depth each of them run in the water then by color.

Mine break out like this with each box having 12 to 18 compartments, each compartment holding several similar baits:
Box#1 - Lipless crankbaits and swimbaits
Box#2 - Suspending & floating divers (lipped jerkbaits)
Box#3 - Sinking divers & deep diving stickbaits (bigger stuff)
Box#4 - Plastics: worms/grubs/tubes and craws with jigheads
Box#5 - Spinner baits
Box#6 - Topwater / buzz baits / poppers
Box#7 - Spoons and spinners (roostertails etc..)
Smaller boxes of hooks, sinkers and rigs like flashers or wedding rings

Quincy/Aurora with there no salted or scented rule screwed me. I had to make a seperate box just to bring to quincy/aurora, then I figured while I was at it I would make a seperate box for Crappie fishing with my kids. I thought I had a lot of fly-fishing crap but this warm water stuff is getting insane. I hope my wife never finds out what a that stuff costs.
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