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I have two types of fly fishing assortments right now- tailwater and stillwater. I just finished up two tailwater assortments. They have 45 flies and are $55 with a waterproof case and free shipping. The stillwater assortments are $40 and have 28 flies. I plan on coming up with some more assortments, now. I was thinking a Kokanee assortment would be sweet. Next year a dry fly assortment would be cool. What else would you guys be interested in assortment-wise? I would love some constructive feedback. I have had success with all these patterns. I specifically selected them because they work extremely well here in Colorado. The stillwater flies have a bunch of tungsten and brass. I also sell a bunch of specific flies by the dozen. If you see something that you would like a slight variation of, please let me know. I also do custom flies. I am super reasonable on pricing compared to a fly shop. Similar stuff at Bass Pro or a pro shop could run you $2 a fly or more. If you find flies for cheaper, they are usually either inferior or are tied by a foreigner and imported. I am a college student and tie in Colorado as a hobby. I tie them with top quality materials and proven hooks. I have posted the link to my tailwater assortments below. You can view the rest of my listings by clicking "view seller's other items." One of the flies that I am most stoked to sell is the plastic bead eggs. They are huge in certain parts of the world but not so much here.....and they are super realistic compared to a a lot of the egg flies out there. They have a translucent look that you just don't get with many egg patterns. They're about as simple as it gets but they flat out work. I sell them for $12/dozen including shipping and I plan on coming out with more and more colors and variations. I also have a stillwater variation that I call the "hot flash." It's basically a pink plastic bead with which I have incorporated some matching pink wire. You can see it's gonna be stellar for spawning bows at our local reservoirs next spring but it definitely has some potential right now, as well. There are some other flies that I have come across in my travels that I haven't seen in Colorado and I plan on offering them here to see if they'll take. All flies were super glued once tied for added durability. The pics here don't come close to showing all my listings so check out my stuff!!! I'm constantly getting new materials, tying new flies, experimenting with techniques, and more. So, if you have any interest, be sure to check back in every once in a while and see what I'm up to. I just bought some epoxy for the first time so I plan on trying some new things with it. That purchase should be reflected in my flies, soon. I have one of Charlie Craven's books and I love the way the clear epoxy looks on finished flies. It just makes them look that much better. As of right now, I only have one streamer pattern. I designed it for pyramid lake and it got a lot of attention at the Yampa recently. But, I am going to get some more streamer materials and get some different streamers tied, especially bunny strip stuff. I am a huge fan of bunny strip streamers. I have plans to do some killer ice flies this winter, too. I want to sell ice fly assortments and have been doing some research. Most of the time, I can get your order shipped the same day.

I've caught so many damn fish on this mysis pattern. If you fish somewhere like the Blue River that has mysis shrimp, try these. I'll have more sizes in stock shortly...I tie a small piece of pink wire into the center so that when the fly gets wet, there is a slight pink hue, much like a real mysis shrimp.

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