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Fished Tarryall with a bunch of my buddies today from 07:30 to 14:00

Iced about 20 total between the 6 of us. Biggest was a rainbow about 15 in. The rest were about 10 to 12 in.

All sorts of jigs worked, white tubes, orange and pink shrimpos & ratsos, tiny ice jigs, etc. Tipped with either shrimp or meal worms. Seemed like the guys fishing in deeper water (22+ FOW) did better at first and then the guys fishing shallower (say 14 FOW) did better after about 11:00.

Fished from the southwest boat ramp about 40 yards east (towards the dam) of the ramp in 22 FOW.

Beautiful day, really nice to not have the traffic like you do over Eisenhower.

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