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We cruised to Tarryall yesterday and were greeted with a beautifiul, sunny day. The temps were pretty warm for winter and there was some wind but little in comparison to other days in the South Park region. The ice, where we set up shop, was in the 16 - 18" range.

We had gotten out there later than what we wanted (8:30ish) and were set up and fishing by 9:15. We set up to the right of the boat ramp towards the damn. As we were setting up, the folks next to us were making a killing on rainbows (or at least they sounded like they were). Within 5 minutes of having my line in the water I landed a 12" rainbow. Not bad, but fun none the less.

Then the action died. For the next 6 hours or so we landed 1 more rainbow. I must have had 30 plus bites, but the fish weren't commiting. I tried 4 different spots and many different techniques and presentations with the same luck. Only bites. I didn't see anyone else really catching too much either, but I may be wrong.

Even though the fish weren't jumping out the hole for us, it was still a great day on the ice!

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