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Hit Tarryall on Sunday. Arrived at 6:30 and it was already warming up, turned out to be a beautiful WARM day and the edges were getting real soft by the time we left. The ice was pretty jagged on the top and bottom -- a sure sign of ice off. Notice the water near the rocks. The fish were very active and we landed ~20. all rainbows between 10" and 14". Except for the 1 monster I had to keep -- I do not know how he swallowed the jig so damn fast but I deep hooked him bad (see pic below). All fish caught on standard stuff (rat finkies, small tubes, meal worms, PB, etc...  The bite was hard at times (almost lost a pole down the hole) and barely noticeable at others (like a crawdad messing with your bait -- the line would just move slowly from one side of the hole to the other)  fished in 20 FOW and mainly fished 2 - 8 inches off the bottom. The males -- even though they were small were milting all over when you landed them.

The center of the lake was a pretty solid 18 inches (probably wont last long)


get ready......

for the fish of the day.....

The pepsi can is actually a 10 gallon keg  ;D
Oh well, I will throw him in my next batch of trout dip.

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