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I went there yesterday, forgot how far it was to actually drive out there! Was packed; CPW checking licenses and giving the business to people that were camped outside of the camping box. But I digress! Weather was about 75 degrees and sunny, until about noon when the clouds starting moving in. Fished the southwest shore with spinners (1/4 oz white miller with gold blade, 1/4 oz spinner with gold blade and brown trim, some Panther Martings as well), and had best luck on the white millers. Kept 2 stocker rainbows, had a lot of light strikes, and for some reason, kept losing fish. Put back 4 trout around 13-14 inches and lost 10 or so off the hook before I could land them. Once cloud cover moved in, the bite really took off. My 2 fishing partners were landing them left and right on power bait, but to me, it's not that challenging to wait for the fish to swallow the pb and hook it's guts (just my personal opinion of course, as if you're catching fish to eat more power to you!).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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