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Has anyone been there in the last few weeks? Any conditions, reports, or tips you would like to share? I haven't really heard or read anything about this place since it reopened.

Thanks in advance!
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I fished it with my grandkids last week. They had a lot of fun with small 7-10" stocker rainbows, but not much else was going on. I enjoyed the "below the dam fishing" from March till the lake opened, but it's not worth the trouble with the crowds now. I also pick up a small grocery bag full of trash every time I go. I really can't figure this out at all?? Colorado is beautiful and a number of people evidently don't give a damn. If they keep it up they'll be able to make it as ugly as South Florida. Jefferson is another example of piggy people.
It's pretty busy? Drat! I'm trying to avoid the crowds that I anticipate seeing at Spinney and Eleven Mile if I go there. I hope the crowds arent' out of control.

I concur with your assessment of the "piggy people". I learned the hardway via climbing and mountaineering how big of slobs people really can be. I have partcipated in many trail clean ups and you would be in awe of some the nasty things people leave behind. No respect for the wilderness. Disgusting. :mad:
whadley said:
Jefferson is another example
That's one of the worst I've seen. Shoreline and beneath the water. Most wads of line I've ever pulled on a single outing and I don't know if people are just getting too many snags or what? However, I'm quite sure if you get a snag and have no choice but to snap off a lure, you don't lose about 60 something yards of line with it though. Everytime I've snapped a lure due to a snag it snaps off at or near the knot. Plus, the stuff I reeled up was in bundles.....  :(
whadley, thanks for the report! Were you fishing from a boat?

Anyone else fish Tarryall recently?

No, I was fishing from the shoreline. I have a small pontoon boat I purchased but haven't had the time to set it up and try it out. I'll probably do that next trip out at the end of July.
I saw some boats on the lake 16'-18' but at the speed they were running around, they were disturbing the fish and the fisherman, and sure as hell weren't fishing.
Again, I question why this type of boat with 70-100 HP engines are allowed on a pretty spot like this?
You really don't need much more than 5HP or even a decent trolling motor to cover this reservoir.
i used to go there with my 12 ft aluminum boat with eletric trolling motor that lake is perfect for that
There are people whipping around the lake at high speeds? What for? Isn't the water too cold for recreation?

I have a small bass boat with a 15hp outboard and a small Minn Kota. It works well for my intended
If theres a puddle,the jacka**es will come.They breed like flies!
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