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So if you didn't see my last post.. Isabella joined the Northern Colorado Junior Bass Club over last winter. They had 3 tournaments (would've had 4, but one was canceled). She took 4th in the 1st, and 2nd in the last. Giving her a 2nd place finishing.

In August the club threw a potluck cook out for members and their families. The Denver Jr. Bass club was there as well. They grilled Brats, dogs, and burgers us. The Brats were bomb, and the whole picnic was great!

The best part was the fishing
Kara, the kids and I killed it! The kids actually left completely hooked on fishing, and have asked me to take them almost daily since.. It was also nice running into Forrest, and meeting coloradodad. Coloradodad let both my kids borrow a fly rod he had brought, and helped them each catch Bluegill on it.

A few things.. Michael caught probably his first Hat Trick (on his own). It included Bluegill, Bass, and a Catfish.

Isabella caught her biggest crank bait Bass & was stoked!

She also caught her first fish (Bass) on a swim bait

Anyway, here are some pictures...

Kara and Michael dropped us off, and made a breakfast run.

Isabella caught 3 Bass right away on a hand tied jig (she had gotten a few from Frank)

We moved searching for bigger fish, and it worked

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