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You're one of the good ones, man. You get it! No bitching and whining or pushing ideals... just fishing and bullshitting, like men.

You do well, but be careful. It's super fun doing big reports and write ups, but it can bite you in the ass too. I dig your posts and your attitude is good. I would be interested to hear who you think the real trolls are though... To be honest, I don't think there are many. A few cowards who won't even admit who they are, but whatevs.. the place is great and like I keep saying, it is not the dead pit that so many think... it's just not so easy to get info anymore on big forums because if too much is given out, places get crushed.

I think this place still teaches TONS... some times it's right in the posts, other times it is earned behind the scenes in PM's. I'm glad to hear you are having fun. My prediction is, you will go to a whole new level in the next year or two as you apply new stuff to your base skills... CO is no joke when it comes to big fish, they just have to be figured out and earned.
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